There has been a delay in POPLA considering appeals against parking tickets issued on land subject to Byelaw. This was due to relevant stakeholders clarifying with government whether Notices issued under Railway Byelaws could be heard by POPLA.

POPLA has now received confirmation from the Department for Transport that it considers issuing penalties on Byelaws land a legitimate practice. It has also confirmed that as a matter of good practice – parking operators should offer an independent appeal against such penalties.

Due to the lack of progress on government guidance the British Parking Association (BPA) took the decision to remove the requirement for parking operators to signpost motorists to POPLA for penalty charges issued under byelaws from 18 September 2017. The BPA has now instructed its operators to signpost motorists to independent appeal for all penalties issued on Byelaws land after 1 November 2018.

There are a considerable number of adjourned appeals within the POPLA system. It was thought that we would hear these appeals once we received clarification from the government. However, the parking operators in question have taken the decision to not contest these appeals. This does not mean the notices were issued incorrectly – the parking operators have made this decision due to the significant delay. All motorists with appeals adjourned for this reason will have the penalties cancelled and will receive notification in due course.

Please see the attached notice for information about how we will consider appeals against penalties issued after 1 November 2018. POPLA update on tickets issued for alleged breach of Byelaws .

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