Starting a new appeal

You have already appealed against your Parking Charge Notice from a private parking operator and they rejected your appeal. If you believe this was the incorrect decision you can still make an appeal against the charge, this time allowing our independent assessors to review all the evidence for an impartial outcome.

Let us help you take the next steps

We understand it can be frustrating having to submit another appeal but we are here to help. We are independent and free to use, funded by the British Parking Association so we will review the evidence both parties submit to make an impartial decision.

Before you start

Please ensure you have read our guide to making an appeal so you know what you need to complete the process. 

If this is your first time submitting an appeal, we recommend familiarising yourself with the appeals process so you know what to expect.

Please have to hand:

  • Your 10-digit verification number

  • Your parking charge notice number

  • Your details (including Vehicle Registration Number)

  • Information about your grounds for appeal

  • Any evidence which may support your appeal

Be honest and use your own words

We know you want your appeal to be successful and might have looked for guidance from successful claims on other sites, however, using templates or copying and pasting text won't help your claim. Our site has been designed so that you can provide most of the information we need in just a few clicks and without too much typing. Where needed, using your own words to describe your situation is the best way to proceed with the appeal.

Data protection statement

All your personal Information will be held and used in accordance with UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR), the Data Protection Act 2018, any legislation that replaces it in whole or in part and any other legislation relating to the protection of personal data.

Your appeal’s verdict cannot be changed

POPLA is a one-stage appeal service. We cannot reconsider your appeal if you disagree with our decision.