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You have arrived here because you have been issued with a Parking Charge Notice from a private parking operator. They rejected your appeal and now you want to take it further.

Stay calm - we are here to help!

We are not the parking operator. We are POPLA – the independent appeals service which is FREE to motorists. We will always investigate both sides of the story before any decision is reached.

Get yourself prepared

You will need to have your 10 digit verification code to hand, along with any evidence that you want to include with your appeal. The private parking operator should have provided you with the 10 digit code. If you don’t have it you should contact them.  To speed up the appeals process it will help if you can upload electronic copies of your evidence for example, scanned copies or photographs.

Sample 10 digit verification code:


Don't get bogged down in paperwork - use this website to submit your appeal and supporting evidence

This website is by far the best way to submit your appeal and evidence to POPLA if you are able to do so. By submitting your appeal online we will be able to investigate your case and reach a decision far quicker than we are able to with postal appeals. You can also login and track the status of your appeal throughout the investigation.

Be honest - only select genuine grounds for appeal

The POPLA website has been designed to guide you through the process. Once you start your appeal you should find that your grounds for appealing your parking charge fit into one or more of the categories supplied. You will also be given the opportunity to add more information in support of your appeal if required.

Simply select the grounds for appeal that apply to you and answer any questions honestly, providing evidence when prompted.

Use your own words not someone else's

The POPLA website has been designed so that you can provide most of the information we need in just a few clicks and without too much typing. Whilst we do provide text boxes for you to supply additional information please try to avoid simply copying and pasting text from other websites or templates. This can be very difficult to translate and may slow down the process. Your appeal is less likely to be successful if it doesn’t make any sense.

Data protection statement

Any personal information you give to us will be processed in accordance with the UK Data Protection Act 1998. POPLA will use this information to process your appeal. As part of our process, we may share the details you provide with parking operators and the British Parking Association. 

Our process

Find out more about the POPLA appeals process or start an appeal below.

Do not pay the charge now if you are appealing. If you pay the charge, POPLA may not be able to assess your appeal and it may be withdrawn. 

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